Monday, March 30, 2009

Kamie's visit to the Farm to see animals

Things to write about:
-Visit to farm - overcoming her fear that animals are going to bite her
-No seizures, was probably previous daycare treating her badly
-negative test results
-a whole lot smarter
-A normal kid, which I want to be the best she can be, so I aim to push her and identify areas in which she can improve and grow stronger

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kamie in SC

Kamie has been in SC since two weeks now. She went down the weekend of March 7th. She should hopefully be back next week. It has been a long time. I hope that she does not get psychologically traumatized from it because she might need some security in her environment, and I think that has been what was contributing to her 'seizure scares' that we were having. Man, I wish things were different.
Anyway, here are some pics from the around the time when she was in the hospital.








Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kamie's EEG Electric brain activity monitor

Kamie has her EEG today at 10am 3/3/2009 to measure the electric activity of the brain using electrode sensors. I think pretty soon she will be afraid of hospitals. When the nurse came out to call her to go back into the room, she started crying and didnt want to go in the room. I had to lift her up and take her back, even then she was still fussing, and didnt want to sit on the bed. It got even worse when we were trying to get her to lie down. I guess it is common for them to strap the child down, because they had the straps on the bed and wrapped her in the strapping blanket, closing her arms down. She started wailing, eventually I remembered that she would stop with watching cartoon, so I gave her Dora to watch on my phone and then she slowed down crying until she stopped. The nurse worked to put the electrodes in her head while she watch youtube. When the nurse was finished, I told her that I was going outside to get my backpack and she says that I can just wait outside and she will call me when it is, now I wait.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Air and Space Museum & Underwater 3D IMAX movie

Feb 28, 2009- Roopie, Shen and Kamie went to Virginia Air and Space Museum in Hampton, VA. We went to the IMAX theater seeing Underwater 3D movie, which was a movie about exploring underwater fishes where we got to wear 3D glasses. We arrived there 2:30 for the 3pm showing, so we went in the museum to tour. Kamie was VERY afraid of most of the planes and space ships there. I was disappointed because I wanted her to have fun learning about this stuff. We only spent 15 minutes, then wen had to go join the line to go see the movie. Once again, Kamie was acting up. She did not want to wear the 3D glasses and it was about 7 minutes into the movie before I got to put my glasses over her eyes and she realize that the movie was in 3D with the glasses. I Expected the movie to explore more of the beautiful underwater, but there were some scenes where they showed a fish swimming by and another just snaps them up in a split second. She got scared during those scenes. I had to cover her eyes during some of the scenes like the shark. She eventually got the hang of things and realized how cool 3D underwater was. At one point, she was asking me if we could move to sit in the seat behind us. I guess she thought the sea snakes were really coming too close to us because she wanted to move back further. She was very happy watching the move and the ending, they had 3D bubbles blowing, and she was catching after the bubbles, because they looked so real.

When we came out of the theater, she was happy, so went went to tour the museum again. This time she was VERY happy. She was running up to everything, playing with all the cool stuff. We looked at all the planes and the boats. We even got to go into a full Air Tran plane and went into the seats and into the cockpit and such. She got very comfortable with the plane. I wanted her to be familiar so that when we go to Jamaica she is not scared of the plane. She played with all the air planes and she ran to all the cool stuff and played with them. I tried to teach her, but she just wanted to play with stuff. I guess when she is older she can learn more.