Friday, November 21, 2014

The Girl And The Magic Book

The Girl And The Magic Book
By Kamryn Wright,
November 21, 2014

There ones was a girl named Kamryn she loved reading books. every day at school she would read a book even in line that always turn out wrong the reason why is because she always keep her eyes on the book and never looks where she is going.The teacher says "look where u are going".But one day when Kamryn went outside and a boy came up and said "you dont belong on this side of the playground go on the side where the teachers are at".And she thought a minute that mabe people did not like play where the teachers are at.And she said I need to go to previte school"`A girl came up and said"You like books because i love them i even joined a book club mabe u can join the book club we could be friends do u wanna be friends uh sorry i talk to much"Kamryn said i see THAT ""what is ur name" "my name is Ammy"she answered.I like your name said Kamryn.And thats when Ammy and Kamryn became friends.They started reading the same book but they did not know Ammy asked what she was reading and she said ever after high Ammy said "that is what i am reading"Thats when resses is over they went to lunch time and they got readpizza that was shaped as a book.and after lunch kamryn went to the library and got a book that said the magic she started reading the book and tought of things that came true she was scared a little and she tought it was the book and she fliped the book over and the book said `love this book or you will be carsed by lising to every thing people tell u to do.she got the book and sholed Ammy the book and she did not belive that was true so Kamryn said wish something that u want to come ture and hould the book at the sametime and she lisined and did it and it came true but the bully came and touk the book from her and she said give it back then the teacher came and touk the book from the bully and send him to the front office the bully was exspelled because he was bullying a lot of people  Ammy and Kamryn was soo HAPPY:) When Kamryn went home And her mom said "how was your day Kamryn wasto scared to tell what happen today  but she tolled her about the book and she was superised because her grate grate grate grandfother worte this book so she told her that and said when you put purple light on it it will have secreat handwriting Kamryn did not belive her mother so she wished that her mother was telling the truth but she was Kamryn put pruple light on the book and saw the words on it and it was all about history

Friday, July 26, 2013

Grandma and Kami-Wednesday, July 25, 2013

Wednesday-July25, 2013
Mummy spent the day with Kami. These are some of the activities which we did
  1. We played donkey using a ball
  2. We then played checkers-Kami won 2 games and grandma won 1
  3. We played hide and seek in the house. It was so much fun
  4. Kami read one chapter from her book which she had to write a book report for her class
  5. We played go fishing card game. She won grandma each time. She had so much fun laughing after grandma
  6. Kami then read 3 chapters. This completed her book at 12 pm today.. Her book had 120 pages. Grandma awarded her with $2. She was excited with it and added it to her savings. She is planning to buy toys later
  7. She then played UNO card games with grandma. She excitedly won all 5 games.
  8. She played hide and seek with grandma
  9. Auntie Shen then took us to the beach nearby. Grandma and Kami had so much fun in the water
  10. Roops took us shopping at 8 pm. We went to Family Dollar and Ross.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snow Tubing at Hawksnest Resort , Seven Devils, NC

The Ramdon, Bake & Dodson family went snow tubing as our mini-winter vacation on the weekend of Feb 25-26. We stayed in Boone NC. We had a blast that weekend. We bundled up and slide down the mountain on tubes. At first, I thought that 2 hrs was a short time, but after 2 hours, it was WAY more than enough. We had a blast that day. Later in the evening, we went to the hotel pool for more fun.

On the 26th, Kamie, Katie & Grace went Gem Mining at DocsRocks. They got a bucket of sand and searched for Gems.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Kamie & Roops Performance @ The Imeperial Center for Arts in Rocky Mount, NC

Kamie and Roops were on the way back from pickup. Kamie didnt have school, so we met at 3pm instead of the usual 7pm. On the way back, we decided to stop in Rocky Mount at the Imperial Center for that Arts & Science. We had a blast "play acting". They had costumes and we dressed up and performed for each other.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kamie at Sandy Bottom Nature Park in Hampton

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monday, December 26, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Polar Express Christmas Lights at Norfolk Botanical Gardens

We went to attend the Polar Express train ride to see the Christmas Lights at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

There was a activity where we go to eat Christmas cookies, make Christmas tree ornaments, and listen to a Christmas story. We then went outside and rode the polar express train to enjoy the Christmas lights.