Friday, March 12, 2010

Kamie riding scooter at Buckroe

Kamie and I went to Buckroe Beach for her to ride her scooter. First, we got out icy pops and went to sit on the beach and have icy pops. It was hot, so they were melting pretty fast, and it became pretty messy. We went to the water shower to wash off our hands, but the water was turned off, so we had to go back to the car to use hand sanitizer to wash out hands.

We then went riding. When the road was rough, I pushed her until we got to the smooth part. She was having fun riding her scooter. We played tag, so she would rider her scooter and try to catch me. We went on the pier and I sat down and watched her play. After she had enough, we went to the children play ground. She eventually found a little girl to play with and she started running all over the place with her. The little girl had 2 older girls (maybe her sisters), so they were pushing them on the swings, playing with them. She was having lots of fun, but then it started getting cold when a dark cloud came and covered the sun, so I decided to go home. She didn't want to leave. When we got home, we had dinner, then she wanted to go outside again, so I took her outside to blow bubbles.

We stayed up pretty late that night, because Sheneka was returning from her trip to visit Dane for Spring Break in NY. We went to pick her up at 12 midnight.

Sunday we stayed inside. We watched TV, Kamie played her simulation computer game and listened to music.

I have quite an extensive collection of kids music, so I want her to listen to them more so she can learn more children songs, nursery rhymes, and such. I keep it playing most times. She loves them.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. AS ALWAYS, you can click on the picture to see the full album.

I made this into a "catoony" picture. I call it "Zooming Kamie"
2010-03-13 017 Kamie-Edit-2

2010-03-12 003

2010-03-12 004

2010-03-12 007

2010-03-13 029

2010-03-13 030

2010-03-13 033

2010-03-13 039

2010-03-13 048

2010-03-13 050

2010-03-13 056

2010-03-13 054

2010-03-13 057

2010-03-13 061

2010-03-13 068

2010-03-13 069

2010-03-13 071

2010-03-13 073

2010-03-13 075

2010-03-13 077

2010-03-13 079

2010-03-13 091

2010-03-13 095

2010-03-13 101

2010-03-13 105

2010-03-13 117

Kamie wanted me to make funny faces, while she took my picture.
2010-03-13 118

2010-03-13 122