Monday, November 9, 2009

Sanjay's Birthday

Kamie came for Sanjay's birthday this weekend along with Shen. It was a good weekend. Someone was joking that she is a computer junkie like me. She really is almost fully proficient in using the computer and she plays a lot of computer learning games. I customized google chrome browser so that the home page would just have different children's websites, so she could just click home, and click on any that she liked. All she needs to do now is to learn to type, and she will be all set.

On Sunday, when we got Sanjay's birthday cake, she was watching videos online. I kept calling her to come (so she can light the candles), but she didnt want to stop. I wait for that video she was watching to finish, then I went and grabbed her up. She was struggling to go back, but when she got into the kitchen and saw the cake, her eyes light up. She immediately became excited. Kamie and Shen stayed and lit the candles. Shen then brought the cake in to Sanjay, in the room, but I had not set up the camera yet. I went and set up the camera and brought out the cake with wine glasses. We sung happy birthday to Sanjay and he blew out the candles. We ate dinner of curry chicken before having the cake. It was lots of fun. We took lots of pictures. Kamie, as usual always love to take the pictures, so she used the remote. We had variety pack cheese cake. It was so yummy. Kamie ate her dinner without hesitation. I told her that we would have cake only after eating off dinner. It is the first I see her eat so quickly. She normally takes long to eat. I guess that runs in the family because that is how we all were when we were growing up.

Well, here are pictures from Sanjay's Birthday party with all of us.

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