Friday, August 21, 2009

Kamie is about to start school!!!

Kamie is about to start school! I am pretty excited! She might have to change daycares though, because the school bus does deliver to her daycare. I hate when she have to change daycares, because she has been changing too much recently. She got settled into this one and I REALLY like them. They give a note at the end of every day explaining exactly what she did that day and what they are doing the next day. She is finally at a daycare that I really like how they teach her.

Last week, we went jetsking, she had a blast. She didnt want to come back. I LOVE how she loves water too. We went in Norfolk. It was my first time at that ramp, but I really like the setup. There are lots of boats and other jetskis there, so I felt safe if something were to happen. We rode far out, but keeping the speed down, since she was on it. We rode over to the tunnel, rode to the Norfolk Naval base to look on the battle ships, rode all over. It was so much fun. We came back and started doing tricks. She loves when the water sprays. She is such a adventure junkie too.

We went kite flying on Wednesday at Mt Trashmore in VA Beach. It was a lot of fun. She loves flying the kite.

I have a ton of pictures I need to put up and a few videos as well.