Friday, July 26, 2013

Grandma and Kami-Wednesday, July 25, 2013

Wednesday-July25, 2013
Mummy spent the day with Kami. These are some of the activities which we did
  1. We played donkey using a ball
  2. We then played checkers-Kami won 2 games and grandma won 1
  3. We played hide and seek in the house. It was so much fun
  4. Kami read one chapter from her book which she had to write a book report for her class
  5. We played go fishing card game. She won grandma each time. She had so much fun laughing after grandma
  6. Kami then read 3 chapters. This completed her book at 12 pm today.. Her book had 120 pages. Grandma awarded her with $2. She was excited with it and added it to her savings. She is planning to buy toys later
  7. She then played UNO card games with grandma. She excitedly won all 5 games.
  8. She played hide and seek with grandma
  9. Auntie Shen then took us to the beach nearby. Grandma and Kami had so much fun in the water
  10. Roops took us shopping at 8 pm. We went to Family Dollar and Ross.