Friday, October 30, 2009

Kamie Flu

Kamie has been down with the Flu since Saturday Oct 24th. She had to miss school for 4 days. She was okay during the time once she took her medicine, but once the medicine wears out, her fever came back. She recovered on Thursday and got to start back school on Friday.

She is really smart with the computer. She knows how to use everything on it, and anything I show her once, she remembers. I have a extra laptop that I allowed her to use. She knows how to start up the computer and open up the web browser by clicking the start menu and clicking to open Google Chrome. I set the website that I allow her to go on as the home page, so she can go on and play learning games. She really enjoy it. I need to find more websites which are kids friendly. She has known how to use youtube for about 1/2 year now, but I realized that youtube is not very kid-friendly. I need to find a better website with videos for kids.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kamie's Birthday Party

Kamie had her birthday party at Pizza Hut in VA beach. She was happy at first, but then it seem like she got tired, because she seemed sleepy. She LOVED her Dora cake though, and as always love opening up presents afterwards. I got her a scooter. She loved riding it.

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1_ 2009-10-03 065

2009-10-03 025-2

2009-10-03 027

2009-10-03 036

2009-10-03 040

2009-10-03 044

2009-10-03 045

2009-10-03 061

2009-10-03 048

2009-10-03 049

2009-10-03 055

2009-10-03 052

2009-10-03 063

2009-10-03 064

2009-10-03 068

2009-10-03 070

2009-10-03 071

2009-10-03 072

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kamie's 4th Birthday

For Kamie's 4th birthday, we went to Chucky Cheese. We had a blast. She played all the games and was definitely smarter since the last time we went to Chucky Cheese. We had a lot of fun and she went around and tired everything. She even drove the car games, and was not that bad at driving. SHe still drives like a 4 year old, but I can tell that she is way smarter now.

I did not give her the presents because her mom wanted them to be saved for her birthday party on saturday, but I wanted her to have something to play with, so I gave her the "hop ball" that I got for her. She hopped on it and had a great time. At first, she would fall off, but pretty soon, she got the hang of it. It was a lot of fun.

2009-09-30 036

2009-09-30 032

2009-09-30 003

2009-09-30 011

2009-09-30 014

2009-09-30 021

2009-09-30 022

2009-09-30 027

2009-09-30 028

2009-09-30 037

Hopping on the HOp ball.
2009-09-30 053

2009-09-30 056

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