Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kamie possible siezure

Feb 26, 2009 I got a call on Thursday saying that Kamie's daycare thought she had a seizure. I went to the hospital in VA Beach with her and her mom. When I finally got there, she was happy to see me and it would appear as if she is normal. After the doctor came in, he checked her out and then called the daycare to find out what happen to her. He says that what they describe seem to be a seizure. and he would have to do a cat-scan to see what is going on. First they had to take blood from her. This was very hard for her, and I had to hold her down and let them take the blood. Then, they had to get a heart monitor on it. She cooperated more for this one as they put heart monitors all around her heart and on her arms and feet.

We stayed a long time at the hospital trying to convince kamie to do the cat scan, however she was very afraid of the machine. Every time she went back there, she would cry and not want to stay still in the machine. They tried to take it one time, but she would not stay still and the picture came out blurry. They tried a second time and again, she did not stay still, and the picture came out blurry. We made about 4-5 more unsuccessful attempts at getting her to do it willingly. It was a futile attempt and finally, at around 9pm, we decided to sedate her. That again was a pain, as she did not want to take the medicine mixed in apple sauce. She ate the first spoon and spit it out. After that, they decided to use a syringe in her mouth. That was a pain to get her still and able to take it. We had to hold her down and stop her nose. Finally she swallowed it, but again she spit out some of it. The medicine started to work, however it just made her look drunk and act silly, but it did not put her to sleep. After waiting for 1 hr trying to get her to sleep we gave up and they doctors decided to just starp her down to a board and strap her still. Her mom went with her, I knew it would be a traumatic experience for her, but it had to be done. Her mom came back mad as hell. She says that the guy was actin like a boot camp to her, shouting at her. I would have been mad too, but we had been at the hospital for over 7 hrs and she would not want to do it, so I was happy that it was finally done. THen, it was another long waiting for the results to come back.

Finally the doctor came back and said the cat scan was negative and everything was good. The next step though is to get her a EEG Brain Scan. We would have to schedule that the next day with pediatrician. I took the day off work to stay with Kamie and get it done. The neurologist was booked up and the first available appointment was Tuesday, March 3rd, so now we have to wait for that appointment. I do not know how that is going to go, because she is very afraid of those machines. Hopefully I can convince her that it is okay.

She has always had times when she just ignores me, I always assume that she gets mad very easily because she just zones out in her own world. Since this experience, I am now more aware of her and I realize that she does it a lot. I hope that it is nothing wrong with her brain and she is just getting mad a lot. I hope that all of those times when she does it, she is not actually having a seizure. I will have to wait and see. This sucks....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Visit Laton and Alex

Feb 13-15, Roopie, Shen and Kamie went to Laton's house in West Virginia. Alex and is wife was coming from Cincinnati, OH to visit us. This is the second time seeing Alex since graduation in 2004. It was a very fulfilling weekend again for Kamie to spend time with all my friends. She was VERY afraid of the Jenn's cats. She would literally run up on me crying tears. I really want her to come out of being so fearful, because there are lots of animals in Jamaica and we will not be able to control them as much as we did in the house.